Female Hair Transplantation

Of late, more and more Females are opting for  Hair Transplantation as Female Hair Transplantation has become very common these days. The Advantage of Female hair Transplantation is that donor area need not be fully shaved. Only a small area needs to be trimmed for the purpose of extracting the required hair grafts, which won’t be visible as the neighbouring hair will cover the trimmed area.

1) The cause of hair loss is due to genetic hair loss.

2) There is enough hair at the back of the scalp to move to the front of the scalp to really make a difference.

Usually, women with severe androgenetic alopecia (female pattern hair loss) have hair loss all over the scalp – including front, top, back and sides. For this reason, women with severe loss are not typically good candidates for hair transplantation surgery. However, if there is a good donor area (meaning the density is good and the hairs are not thinning or miniaturizing in that area) and the cause of hair loss is confirmed as being genetic hair loss and not another cause, the patient may be a good candidate.

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