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Hair Transplant on your mind ?

If you are a hair loss sufferer, it is important that you learn about reasons for your hairloss , the degree of your hair loss and available medical treatment options. All of this can be accomplished by visiting a good hair transplant specialist and few simple tests. Once you have decided to go for hair transplant the first step would be consulting a good surgeon who can draw a long term hair restoration blueprint with you, discussing various hair transplant techniques, their relative merits and demerits, post-transplant recovery & hair growth, medical therapy and expected results. As we know, hair transplantation is a surgical process (and the key to the success are an artistic bent of mind along with experience and surgical skills. The aesthetics of hair line design and the finesse in harvesting and implantation of roots decides success or failure of a procedure, irrespective of technique .Nevertheless, FUE technique is proven to be the most advanced Hair Transplant Technique as of now

Check list while choosing a Right Hair Transplant Clinic ?

A Useful guide to avoid pitfalls:-

Identifying a right Hair Transplantation clinic is a highly complicated task considering the numerous choices available now .At times, You may get misguided by the advertisements & promotions by various Hair Transplant clinics.  The following Questionnaire will indeed help you to identify   the genuine Clinics from you watchlist.


a) Does the clinic Provide you the before and after photos of their Clients?

 A reputable hair transplant clinic should have a gallery of before and after photos to highlight the great work achieved at the clinic. Being able to look through a variety of different before and after photos gives you the opportunity to see how well the clinic can get results, and how frequently. Make sure that the pics shown by the Consultant are not copied  from the net which is a common gimmick done by many Clinics.To ensure the same,you may ask for the contact number of the Client whose pic was shown to you


b) Does the Clinic Provide you the Name, Qualifications and IMA Registration Number of the Surgeon ?

 Of late,There are numerous  Hair transplantation clinics  operating across the  world and many of them are operating without  even Qualified Surgeons .These Clinics  are  attracting clients by offering  handsome discounts  and offers..An unqualified Surgeon may give you terrible experience in your life . In this backdrop, don’t feel hesitated t to ask about the experience Level and IMA Registration No of the Surgeon before booking.


 c) Does the Clinic Allow you to have a look at the Hair Transplantation Surgical room ?

A genuine hair transplant clinic will allow you to have a look at the surgical room and its facilities upon the special request of the customer .This helps the client to evaluate the facilities and the hygiene standards being maintained by the  clinic .Non Sterile Surgical Rooms with poor maintenance  may lead to OT infections which needs long term medication  for the Client to recover .Also ensure that the HT procedure being done in a professionally run clinic only. You may avoid Hair transplantation services offered by Hair fixing Companies that could ruin the head of the Client as their priority and expertise may be only in that.


d) Does the Surgeon allow you to count the hair grafts extracted during the procedure?-How Transparent the Procedure is

This is a very important aspect as far as the Hair transplantation Procedure is concerned. Only very few Clinics implant the committed  number of  Hair Grafts as it is almost impossible to count the hair grafts one implanted .This being misused by many clinics to increase their profit margin. Clients who are undergoing HT procedure with an unprofessional clinic are more likely to get cheated by implanting less number of grafts vis a vis the committed number of hair grafts at the time of booking. In effect, client will have to pay for the hair grafts which were not actually implanted. Professionally-run Clinics would exhibit the extracted grafts to the client before implantation phase starts.


e )Can you trust  the Clinics offering  extremely low price for Hair transplantation?

Professionally run Clinics use only high quality dispensable and charge the  same from the customer .Be cautious about the Clinics offering extremely low price for Hair Transplantation to attract the Clients. Such clinics may be   reusing the surgical items and assigning unqualified and inexperienced Surgeons to ensure their profit margin, thereby the client getting exposed to contagious  diseases like HIV or Hepatitis B etc . A professionally run Clinic will indeed charge the client  for the materials used for his HT procedure. Please remember that  ”There Is No Free Lunch Anywhere”.

How to prepare for Hair transplantation ?

Please follow the recommendations for foods and herbal supplements that should be avoided prior to surgery as they contain aspirin like (blood thinning) qualities and can complicate the surgery.Wash your hair the day before surgery with your regular shampoo, the same as you normally would. Avoid Salty food on the previous day of HT procedure .Have an early sleep on the previous day night . Do not drink alcohol or caffeine the night before or the morning of your procedure. Smoking is strongly prohibited as this will delay your wound healing time. If you color your hair, it is recommended that you color your hair a few days before your procedure. After the procedure, you must wait 6-8 weeks before you can color your hair again and a semi-permanent color should be used instead of a permanent hair color that may cause damage to your new grafts. Permanent hair color can be used 3 months after your surgery.

Make sure to eat a good breakfast on the procedure day, as medications will be given throughout the day that can disagree with an empty stomach, this includes an antibiotic and a sedative. Wear a button down shirt or something easily removable. Complete your medical questionnaire and sign your consent forms before the surgery begins.Pre-operative photos will be taken for the review purpose .

Medical Tests to be Done Before Hair Transplantation

The following tests to be done at least 15 days prior to the Hair Transplantation Date

  • Complete Blood Count
  • Bleeding time
  • Clotting time
  • Prothrombin Time
  • Blood sugar(FPBS)
  • Blood sugar(PPBS)
  • HIV Test
  • HBSAG Test
  • ECG

What to expect during the Procedure

You may  watch the Movies and enjoy music while  the  procedure being done . At any time during the procedure you may use the restroom. We will break for Lunch  Tea, if your procedure is scheduled for the entire day. Lunch and Snacks will be served to the client during the Procedure. Friends and family are not allowed in the surgery room when the procedure is being done, however they will be allowed to visit and check on your progress and the client will be given an exclusive relaxation room to enjoy the music and refreshments.

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