PRP Dermapen (Microneedling)

Encouraging Results

Recent scientific studies to evaluate potential solutions for hair loss have focused on the innovative Microneedling therapy for the scalp using unique derma roller devices. Results with this non-invasive therapy to fight back hair loss and hair thinning, and promoting the growth of new hair on the scalp have been very encouraging. Some of the clinical studies have also shown that a combination of micro needling therapy and minoxidil treatment on the scalp may produce highly effective outcomes.

Microneedling therapy essentially involves gentle pricking into the layers of the skin of the scalp. This process is designed to open the pores for optimal absorption of treatments such as minoxidil or others. Sustained application of this treatment combination has revealed outstanding results in the scalp health and hair regrowth .

How does Microneedling Work?

Natural hair growth is dependent on the genetic make -up of an individual to support the development of new hair cells. This cellular regeneration occurs within the hair follicles, which are the tiny openings that cover the scalp. A combination of chemicals is required to trigger the production of these cells, including a very important factor called the human growth factor.

Microneedling therapy is designed to trigger the targeted production of this human growth factor. When the micro needles are pricked into the scalp, it causes superficial and minor wounds to the tissue surface. This prompts the body to set the mechanism in motion for skin regeneration in the area of the wound. Human growth hormone and related growth chemicals are released in this process.

Scientists are using this principle to cause the stimulation of the growth of hair in the affected area of the scalp. Microneedling has already been extensively used in the area of skin care and aesthetic enhancement of the skin. Now researchers are increasingly supporting the use of the same treatment principle for hair regrowth.